Ribera del Duero

Carmelo Rodero Crianza 15 months
Price: $37.95

Tinta del País (Tempranillo) 90% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% From family-owned vineyards with stocks over 15 years old. Traditional preparation with cutting-edge temperature control techniques during fermentation and maceration. Aged in French oak for a minimum of 15 months racking every 3 months. Bottle-aged for at least 12 months before marketing. As only to be expected, here we have an excellent wine, imposing in its youth, elegant in its maturity. With a beautiful ruby red robe, the wine boasts excellent cherry glints wrapped in pinkish nuances, in a perfectly clear, bright setting.

Carmelo Rodero Reserva 21 meses
Price: $54.95

Tinta del País (Tempranillo) 90% Cabernet Sauvignon 10%
From our own vineyards with vines over 30 years old.

This is a great wine, superbly balanced yet suggestive. Intense bigarreau cherry red color with subtle purple highlights, bright russet and amber rims displaying its aging.

Delightfully subtle on the nose, with ripe fruit notes perfectly blended with the wood aging, leading us to special aromas (vanilla, cinnamon) and the stimulating scent of roasted coffee or toasted bread.

Venta Las Vacas Roble Ribera del Duero
Price: $22.95

Intense, clean and garnet in color with violet reflections. On the nose its fragrant with berry fruit aromas such as blackberry, blueberry and black cherry, encompassed by a delicious and elegant perfume of vanilla and coconut with a hint of toasted bread conferred by its oak ageing. On the palate it has a silky texture with a structure formed by polished tannins together with an intense aroma of ripe red fruit. A harmonious and balanced whole, with a final touch reminiscent of black licorice and a hint of candy

Viña Vilano Tempranillo 2016
Price: $11.95

100% Tempranillo
Dark cherry red with a purple rim denoting its youth.
Deep and bright. Wide, intense aromas of ripe fruit, typical of Tinto Fino grapes.
In the mouth, it offers smooth tannins, an agreable passage and a very expresive, aromatic aftertaste.

Torremilanos Crianza 2011
Price: $26.95

Appearance: Dark and intense with ruby and purple glints.
Aroma: Spicy and floral aroma at first that gives way to wafts of fresh fruits which reminds red and black fruits with toasted notes.
Flavor: The palate is silky, balance with high mineral freshness joined to hints of fresh grape and a long lingering finish.

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