Red Wines - La Puerta Gran Reserva Blend 2009
Price: $39.95
Appearance: This wine has an intense black-red color with purple hues.
Aroma: Aroma full of red fruits with hints of smoke reflect its aging with oak.
Flavor: Complex on the palate, well structured and full bodied with a lengthy finish. Its rounded tannins show their presence and give it a unique character with a great balance and multi-layered finish. - La Puerta Alta Malbec-Bonarda 2014
Price: $17.95
Appearance: Intense black-red color with purple hues
Aroma: Aromas of ripe plums
Flavor:A velvety sensation and subtle character in the palate lead to a great lingering finish. omplexity of aromas and taste define the typical features of this varietal.
La Puerta Alta Malbec 2015
Price: $17.95
Appearance: Dark ruby red color
Aroma: This wine shows ripe fruit characteristics of plum, blackberry and mulberry with hints of mocha and vanillin oak.
Flavor: The palate is silky smooth with juicy berry fruit balanced with soft and rounded tannins for an elegant long finish. - Livius Tempranillo 2008
Price: $54.95
Appearance: Intense cherry color
Aroma: Good fruity intensity with hints of ripe fruit over a mineral background. Barrel toasted nuances with chocolate, toffee and spicy notes
Flavor: Very structured wine. A long, intense sensation and finish in the mouth. Powerful taste. - Livius Graciano 2007
Price: $54.95

Appearance: Dark cherry red colour with hints of pencil lead. 
Aroma: This wine is very complex in the nose with balsamic, mint, ripe fruit, plum and preserve aromas. 
Flavor: Powerful in the mouth with a good fruit-acidity balance and perfectly integrated woody notes. Long, fresh finish. - Livius Garnacha 2007
Price: $54.95
Appearance: Cherry color with maroon edges.
Aroma: Nuances of fresh red fruits, alcohol with toasted, cocoa, cedar, spicy and tobacco notes over a raspberry background.
Flavor:  Subtle mouth sensation. Silky, velvety and pleasant wine. Intense aftertaste with a sweet finish. - Saurus S Series Malbec-Pinot Noir 2007
Price: $54.95
Appearance: Red wine of deep bright red color with some violet hints. 
Aroma: This blend features a complex nose. Ripe red fruits aromas such as plums, sour berries and cassis, gently combined with floral and spicy nuances. Delicate vanilla and chocolate tones were developed during the long ageing in French oak barrels. 
Flavor: Sophisticated mouth-feel and remarkable elegance. The wine expands on the palate letting the flavors linger persintantly Winemaking Process. - Saurus Barrel Fermented Pinot Noir 2012
Price: $26.95
Appearance: The sight features very brilliant and lively red tones. 
Aroma: The nose is plenty of red fruit scents such as red currants, raspberries and strawberries. Vanilla and cocoa aromas stand out due to fermentation in oak casks. 
Flavor: The mouth-feel is fruity, with sweet tannins and a bouncy acidity. - Saurus Select Pinot Noir 2012
Price: $19.95
Appearance: This Pinot Noir is plenty of floral aromas, like roses and violets, combined with red fruit scents such as red currants, raspberries and strawberries. 
Aroma: The nose is complex. Mushrooms and mineral aromas stand out together with some vanilla and cocoa notes, due to ageing in oak barrels. 
Flavor: Medium-bodied red, of ultrafine tannins and fruity nuances that wave through a finish of superior depth and dimension. 


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